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Whether you have diabetes or you're just cooking for someone living with diabetes, the Daily Diabetic Recipe can make meal planning easier and add variety to your menu. One great, diabetic-friendly recipe is sent each and every day to opt-in subscribers, complete with nutritional information and exchanges. It's that simple - and it's free!

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Daily Diabetic Recipe
One great diabetic-friendly recipe is sent every day, complete with nutritional info. That's 365 great recipes per year. Something so simple, yet so useful!
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Our editorial staff is dedicated to providing the most informative and helpful diabetes-related resources possible. The following free newsletters and email dispatches will keep you informed, up-to-date, and well-prepared for healthful and exuberant diabetes living. Sign up today to receive wonderful recipes, engaging articles, helpful and healthful tips, critically important news and more.

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Our critically acclaimed diabetes related newsletter. Sent via email every other Monday, each issue features diabetic recipes, articles, news about treatments, therapy, and medications, diabetes & health trivia, and useful information relating to health and diabetes. Regular features include Diabetes Q and A, Diabetes 101, Diabetes Related Terms and Explanations, and Healthy Cooking Advice. Sent every other week, plus some special editions (ie: holidays)
The Diabetic News
Important diabetes-related news delivered while it's still news. Don't miss out! Whether it's about an important drug recall or a new therapy or breakthrough, this mailing list will keep you well informed and up to date. Due to the nature of the content (current news), there is no set frequency for this email dispatch. It is only sent as news occurs (typically 2-3 times each month).
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The recipes provided in the Daily Diabetic Recipe include nutritional information and diabetic exchanges. Not all recipes are appropriate for all people. Please make sure a recipe is appropriate for your meal plan and pay careful attention to serving sizes. Only your healthcare provider should diagnose your healthcare problems and prescribe treatment, including dietary needs. By using this site and service, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms detailed in our site/service disclaimer. If you wish to contact us, please use this contact form.

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